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School Security Fencing - It is so Important

As with any approach to security, the security strategy adopted by schools must consist of several layers, the most visible being the perimeter fence and access points that define the separation between public and private areas. The symbolism of that separation should not be underestimated. It sends a strong message to those who should not be, or to those who try to enter the premises. It also provides reassurance to students and staff within the safe and secure confines of the school grounds.

This to a great extent, applies to private residential and commercial property, also.

As a visitor approaches a school, they see the fencing around the perimeter and the style of main gate entrance that give them an indication as to the level of commitment that a school places on safety and security.

Fencing around a school also provides other critical needs - from preventing unauthorised entry to the grounds, protecting students, staff and visitors from threats, preventing theft, anti-social behaviour and reducing the risk of criminal damage.

A very important factor to consider is the aesthetic and visual impact of the fence along with gated access points.

In Higher Risk Situations

Areas that suffer high crime and/or incidents of nuisance may require a higher level specification for fencing and gated access points.

While a school shouldn’t look like a fortress, there are standards that exist for the design and specification of security fencing and gates for schools that assist greatly in choosing the best option for the circumstances under consideration.

Risk Assessment

A walk around the school and a survey of the environment should be the first step, taking the viewpoint of a person who would wish to breach the secure perimeter.

Consultation with the staff, students and community would also be a good action to undertake, as would a consideration of crime and incident analysis and any intelligence relating to threats that the school and its community may face.

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While this blog relates to schools, the principles apply to other areas where the aspect of security fencing will be a consideration.

We hope that this is of interest to you.

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