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Keep your Property Safe with SmartwaterCSI Marking Solution

Great news for you, great news for the Turks and Caicos Islands and bad news for burglars and thieves.

Being distributor for SmartwaterCSI security products in the TCI we work closely with Smartwater CSI in Florida, the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police and CrimestopperTCI bringing a new concept in property marking products to the TCI.

Inside the Smartwater CSI kit is a vial of "Forensic Coding Solution" and an applicator. Inside that liquid is a numerical code specific to the purchaser with a one in a billion unique identifier code. All it takes is the smallest drop to mark your property and help the police identify it and who it belongs to if it goes missing. The kit contains a registration form that so we can register that specific numerical code and information and if an item turns up stolen, we have a special UV that can illuminate the liquid. When the results match, the stolen item can be returned to its owner and there is a much greater prospect of prosecuting a thief successfully. In addition, the sign that is available also deters would be criminals from attacking properties where the the product is used.

Don't delay, for your Smartwater kit contact us now.

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