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Resort Security and the Hospitality Sector

Providing 'security' in resorts, hotels and the tourism sector isn't as simple as many would think.

The complexity and range of needs are many, from the beach, pool areas, restaurants, bars, peaceful areas and all the other attractions that a resort has and which puts a different requirement on the type of 'security' needing to be delivered.

While many think of security as a 'hard' service, the hospitality sector has a much greater need for an approach that shows synergy with the clients brand and the need to make guests feel welcome, appreciated, cared for and secure. Call it 'softer' security, or what you will, the security style has to fit the context of the clients requirements and the risk profile 24/7, as resorts are around the clock entities.

Training and assimilation into the client's culture both play major roles in shaping that security approach and style.

After all, we want positive Tripadvisor comments where possible showing that guests feel 'safe' and well looked after, including by the security staff. In that respect security often plays a concierge role, while being ever alert and ready to respond and change to an approach that deals effectively with threats, once detected.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we provide that chemistry of security and comfort, reassuring guests and deterring threats. It isn't easy, but it is something for which we are justifiably proud and delivered daily by our officers, through our client focus and our intelligent approach to security in the hospitality and tourism sector.

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