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Vetting Security Staff - Is your Home or Business in Safe Hands?

Okay. So its just a helmet. It protects your head and brain and can be critical to your survival, by wearing it. You know its history and its structural integrity.

But what about your home or your business? Would you leave them to be protected an individual that in reality you know very little about?

We thought not. So why not take positive action now?

At WC Security Services we vet our staff as closely as is possible to recognised industry standards for security vetting. In our case, as closely as possible to British Standard BS 7848.

It's important that your security officers are vetted to these standards and your security company takes your security seriously.

We also perform vetting checks on persons that you may wish to employ as a separate service for our clients. Please enquire if you are interested in that service.

Don't be complacent when it comes to what you value most. We take your security seriously. That is why we vet thoroughly the persons engaged in ensuring that your most valuable possessions are taken care of. You deserve the best.

Our vetting checks include the following:

  • ID confirmation - document checks

  • Address history including visit to property

  • Right to Work check

  • Character references (two) - always contacted

  • Police Record check

  • Personality/psychological test

  • Previous work history

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