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Christmas Crime Prevention Tips from 'Frosty' our Snowman

We all need to work together to keep each other safe from crime this Christmas. In this blog Frosty our Snowman will briefly discuss...

  • Protecting your home

  • Protecting your property

  • Protecting your car

We know that Christmas is a busy period for everyone, including the criminal. But by taking some simple precautions you can make the chances of becoming a victim of crime much less.

Top tips for a crime free Christmas period

Your vehicle

  • Don’t leave presents or any valuables, phones, tablets, etc. in full view when out shopping. These can be tempting to thieves. Lock them away out of sight in the boot.

  • Always lock your car and make sure windows are closed. Do this even if you leave your vehicle for a short time. Never leave the car with the engine running.

  • Take bank cards, mobile phones and other items with you and never leave them in the glove compartment.

Your home

  • Doors and windows should be locked at all times. Especially at night when you are inside and it is dark.

  • Keep your gifts and presents out of sight. Don't tempt the thieves.

  • Don't leave packaging outside to show what you have inside.

  • Make it look like someone is at home when you’re going out for the evening. Leave lights on and close the curtains. If you have a burglar alarm, set it.

Your property

  • Make sure all valuable property is marked. You can either postcode mark your property with an ultra violet pen, or use a forensic marking solution such as Smartwater. We are a Smartwater Distributor and can help you with that. Do it now, before its too late.

  • Take photos of your valuable property and record the serial numbers too.

Most of all, have a Happy and crime free Christmas. Remember, we are always here to help. And if you see anything suspicious, always call 911

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