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Smartwater now Protecting Homes in TCI

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Gardiner shown here with company Chairman and CEO Mr Brian Swann receiving their Smartwater forensic property marking kit to protect their home and property.

With a one in a billion forensic code, each kit unique to you, this really does make Burglars think twice before considering your home to break in to.

As well as electrical and domestic goods, your car radio, outside furniture, tools, cycles and other sporting goods, many of your valuables can be protected with this simple to apply solution.

From jewellry to watches, from ipads to iphones, from tablets to teapots, you can mark them all invisibly.

Don't wait until it's too late. Call today for your deterrent to burglary and theft in the TCI.

Call us now on 3336577 or via our website contact page.

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