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Our Personal Safety App Goes Live - TCILocate

As a company committed to providing the best security services available we are always looking at new and innovative ways to keep you and those dear to you safe and secure, whether that be family, friends or co workers.

Our new app TCILocate which is available now for your smartphones and devices provides you with a mobile alarm and alert capability wherever you and your phone or device go subject to GPS and WiFi or internet connectivity.

At the shake of your phone an alert is sent to nominated persons or even monitored by our 24/7 Control Centre if in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Shake it again and a siren sounds.

Under threat, attack or if taken ill or in some other emergency, help is only a shake away. Upon activation your device shows your location to your contacts, starts to track you if you move, records video and audio and sends clips to your contacts so they can see and hear what is happening to you.

Its pretty amazing and people are seeing the benefits of the app straight away.

Contact us for more information, or check us out on Facebook, on Twitter @wcsstci or watch our animated video on YouTube at

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