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SmartwaterCSI Forensic Solution - Only $55 for Peace of Mind that your Property is Protected

Interest and demand for this one in a billion forensically coded property solution is growing and we have just taken a new delivery of SmartwaterCSI kits in 6 ml size suitable for the average home and property. At only $55 you can mark and protect your property and keep it safe.

Support it with the deterrent SmartwaterCSI sign at additional cost and you have the complete property marking solution.

Almost invisible to the human eye, but easily visible under special UV light, which the police in the Turks and Caicos Islands have (and many US state police have) your property, if stolen, has a much greater chance of being identified, the perpetrator caught and charged and then convicted.

Research also shows reductions in the order of up to 80% in some neighbourhoods using Smartwater in the US and UK.

Its time to act now and protect what you and your family work hard for. Help yourself, help the community and help the police fight crime in TCI. Do your part today and get your kit from us. We are Authorised Distributor for SmartwaterCSI products in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Once marked, your property is registered with us, SmartwaterCSI and the police.

Call today on (649)3336577 or email us at or from our website contact page

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