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TCILocate Personal Security App - Changing the way we think about Personal Security in the TCI

With our newly launched Personal safety App TCILocate on your smartphone or device, you can raise an alert simultaneously to your nominated contacts and friends if you face danger or a threat without having even to open your phone and dial any numbers.

More than that, it shows your friends where you are, tracks you and records video and audio of what is going on around you. That footage is also evidence that will help you and police if necessary. It can send out an ear piercing siren alert if you wish to deter threats.

Available for Android and Apple its an amazing App that is changing the way that people are thinking about personal security in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

You can pay thousands of $$$$$ for a home alarm system to protect what is in your home, often while you are away and sometimes when you are asleep at night.

TCILocate also protects you while at or away from your home, day and night, giving you greater flexibility, extended protection and control of your security.. You can pay $1,000+ just for your home alarm to be monitored, while multiple friends can monitor you wherever you are day and night, even when travelling abroad, for no additional cost with TCILocate. (Subject to 3G/WiFi and cellular coverage).

TCILocate isn't a substitute for a home alarm system, but it covers you wherever you and your smartphone are. And lets face it. We carry our phone everywhere... and we mean 'everywhere' don't we?

When it comes down to it, what is the most most valuable item you want to protect? Its you and your family. And TCILocate does just that.

For less than $19 a month - annual cost $226, TCILocate is the perfect go to all the time solution for personal safety in the Turks & Caicos Islands and beyond.

Check out the App on the App stores, click the 'Show Interest' button and contact us at (649) 333 6577 or email us at and you are well on your journey of making yourself safer and more secure.

Check it out on our YouTube channel (WCSSTCI) and Facebook page too (WC Security Services TCI).

TCILocate and WC Security Services - #amazingsecurity #securingtheTCI

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