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TCILocate - Our innovative Personal Safety app is launched

Our commitment to innovation and the development of exciting new solutions continues with the launch of our TCILocate personal safety app for Apple, Android and Windows phones which is a first for Turks & Caicos.

TCILocate is your own personal security service, with you wherever you and your smartphone go, turning your phone into a personal safety device to raise the alarm whenever you are in danger.

A simple shake or tap the screen of your smartphone sends an immediate alert to your contacts indicating that you are under threat or in distress via automated SMS and email message showing your exact GPS location.

Designate a family member, friend, colleague or group to receive notifications around the clock.

Able to monitor users in over 200 countries, this means you can still be protected even when you travel.

TCILocate is the ideal app to ensure your safety wherever you are and whatever you are doing, be it business, leisure, daytime and nighttime. And it's available in the TCI now.

Check out our YouTube video at WCSSTCI.

We continue to seek innovative ways of improving the safety and security of the Turks and Caicos Islands and this is a very important step in our development and in the demonstration of our commitment to delivering the highest possible standards in security to you in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Use the contact page to email us or call us on 6493336577 for more information, or visit your app store and download the app. Annual services charge applies for the app.

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