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Think 'in house' security staff is the best or your only option? Think again.

It may seem a good idea in terms of convenience and cost to provide your own security staff and while there are some benefits, there are significant disadvantages to doing so. Read on as we briefly explore the pros and cons of such an approach.

Benefits of 'in house' security include:

  • Being able to save on the hourly rate that you pay.

  • Consistency in staff.

  • You will have direct line management of your security staff.

  • You have complete control and responsibility for your staff members.

Benefits of 'outsourced' security from an experienced provider include:

  • Vetting of security staff to a recognised industry standard (BS7858);

  • Training by qualified trainers experienced in security, loss prevention, hospitality, health and safety and customer care;

  • Coordination of staff through a 24/7 Control Centre, able to mobilise additional resources at short notice;

  • Effective supervision by experienced managers and supervisors 24/7;

  • Scheduling of staff and other administrative functions taken care of to reduce the work burden on your support resources;

  • Welfare, performance and disciplinary matters taken care of;

  • NHIP, NIB and other financial obligations removed and reduced associated administrative work;

  • Professional and regular risk assessments made of your asset;

  • Transfer of some aspects of liability to the provider;

  • Excellent police liaison when required and the support of experienced investigators to deal with threats and incidents;

  • The ability to stretch beyond security to all forms of loss prevention and threats.

As you can see, there are many benefits to 'outsourced' security service provision.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and advise you of ways of improving your return on investment in security. Call us now for a no obligation discussion.

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