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Always report suspicious incidents

Being the thoughtful people that we are, we don't like to inconvenience others, especially the police and the emergency services. But always remember, crime is everyone's business and its your business to report things that are suspicious, that don't seem right or that you are concerned about.

It might be a person or persons acting unusually in an area, or it might be a car parked near someones fence in an unusual area or situation. It could be a car cruising around suspiciously. In fact, it could be many things.

The police would rather you call them a hundred times with good intentions, even if nothing is wrong, rather than miss that one opportunity of preventing a crime.

Don't hesitate. Call the police. Call your private security provider too. We want to know.

Even if nothing has happened, you don't know if the car cruising around was used in a burglary half a mile down the road. But the police would, and its a lead in their investigation. A critically important lead that they would never have had if you hadn't called them.

So don't feel embarrassed. Don't think you're being troublesome. You are being a GOOD CITIZEN.

Call whenever you see anything suspicious and keep any notes you've written down or photos taken. They are evidence.

Help us all have a crime free #turksandcaicos

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