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Who Protects the Protectors?

It may seem a strange question, but if those tasked with protecting you and your interests aren't safe, then how good a job can they do? And the answer is, they can't, unless they themselves are properly protected, well equipped and able to perform the duties required of them.

And security officers are no exception. In fact, they, more than many, need adequate protection dependent upon the environment in which they are operating, to keep them safe in keeping you safe.

As well as normal uniform, boots, flashlight and all the other equipment that an officer requires, we also provide personal protective equipment where our officers are deployed to higher than normal risk sites, for example, where construction is taking place. Hi viz vest, protective headgear, sturdy boots, are all part of the equipment required. Not only does it help the officer perform their duty, but it also ensures that we as an employer act responsibly and that we fully comply with our duty of care both to our staff and to you.

We know you wouldn't want it any other way. That's why we are the number one security provider in Turks and Caicos. And its why we are seen as a company that brings solutions, responsibly and professionally.

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