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In what ways do we as a security provider help prevent financial loss to you?

It seems an obvious question. But the answer is a little less obvious than many may think.

There's clearly the protection of persons and property. But in what other ways does a security provider ensure that you get the best return on your investment in the officer that patrols your home, your resort or other facility?

The answer is to look at what losses and unnecessary expenditure you at risk of and how to manage an approach that reduces those costs. For example, a leaking pipe - water is expensive - check meters. Lights or Air Conditioning Systems left on or running when not needed or when rooms or buildings are unoccupied - electricity isn't cheap - we listen and check meters. A trip hazard or wet area what needs signage and cleaning up - claims can be very expensive - we observe, protect and arrange clean up. Issues affecting guest convenience and experience that need attention - resorts want excellent TripAdvisor reports and everyone wants to enjoy there time in Turks and Caicos - we engage, we inform, we make people feel special. BBQs left on or gas not switched off at the supply - gas can be dangerous - we check and act.

All these and more are issues that security officers should be looking at - observing, checking and dealing with them, then reporting.

So you can see, security is much more than just providing 'security.' Its an intelligent and coordinated approach to your protection from danger and from loss, in a way that seeks to keep everyone safe, while also ensuring the best experience possible.

Security - don't just trust it to anyone... You deserve the best and you need value for money.

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