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Announcing our Environmental Policy

Our daily role is to protect people and assets. But we also need to constantly think of and find new ways of ensuring that we protect, rather than harm and abuse, the beautiful environment that we all share. Beautiful by nature = Beautiful by preservation.

Being careful what we consume, reducing waste and minimizing our carbon foot print and fuel and energy use all form part of our approach to protecting our environment.

We are proud to launch our environmental policy which is another step on our journey of being a responsible and caring company. Feel free to read our Policy below.

WC Security Services


At WC Security Services we pride ourselves in the private security services that we provide to a wide range of discerning clients across commercial, retail and residential sectors.

Protecting the environmental is an important and integral part of our corporate strategy.

It is inevitable that some of our commercial activities will impact on the environment and we recognise this and the need to minimise that impact. We work to reduce our environmental impact and where we are unable to prevent such impact, we work hard to mitigate the effect that we as a company have on the environment.

Wherever practicable, we will follow recognised good practice in seeking to protect our environment.

We will, wherever possible, adhere to all the relevant environmental laws and standards required in the Turks and Caicos Islands and we will seek to reduce our carbon footprint and the waste that we create. We will also seek to reduce the consumption of consumable goods and to recycle wherever possible. Our commitments include that we will:

  • Work to minimise our use of energy and water.

  • Include environmental considerations in our strategic decisions and policies.

  • Develop and apply our processes to enable us to reduce waste and inefficient use of materials and energy.

  • Train all our employees on the importance of preserving the environment and working in a way that minimises impact. training and an awareness of this policy so that it is implemented effectively.

  • Recycle and seek to use recycled products and materials.

  • Ensure that materials and waste are disposed of responsibly.

  • Adopt measures to reduce vehicle emissions and fuel usage through regular vehicle servicing and tracking systems to control driver behaviour.

  • Consider the environmental effects that we have in all parts of our business operations.

  • Adopt best practices to seek the best environmental solutions.

  • Review, monitor, and check compliance to this policy, assessing the impact on business activity and staff application of the policy.

  • Seek continuous improvement.

Our commitment includes the need to ensure that all employees, clients and others, are aware of the environmental impacts of our business and how we are playing our part in addressing environmental issues.

We will also ensure that our staff are aware of their responsibilities in applying this policy and that the policy is communicated widely and available to our staff and our clients.

In addressing the environmental impact of our company, we will also focus on the health and safety of our staff, our clients and the community.

It is a sign of the importance that we attach to our responsibilities that the Chairman of Island Solutions Limited T/A WC Security Services has overall responsibility for the Environmental Policy and its implementation. This Environmental Policy forms part of the induction and training process for new staff entering our company.

The policy will be reviewed annually and amended as necessary due to legislation, regulation, emerging good practice, or changes within our company.

Brian Swann - Chairman

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