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Beaches Resort Security Training

Thank you to our valued client, Beaches Resort and Spa, for the training in security that they delivered to our officers recently. We are really grateful, as are all members of our staff who received the training.

Training included a wide range of security matters, including how to deal with bomb threats, terrorism and other important matters relating to the role of a security officer. Over 100 officers received the training who now benefit from that increased knowledge of their roles and responsibilities.

At WCSS we believe in creating a partnership approach with clients and this demonstrates that partnership in security and partnership in learning works.

A special thanks to Mr Stubbs, Head of security at Beaches Turks and Caicos, for arranging the training and for leading the ceremony to award the certificates. thanks also to his team for working closely with us and to Beaches for investing in us and in their approach to continuous improvement in security.

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