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Personal Safety Tips

There's a lot you can do to improve your security by taking simple steps wherever you may be. These easy to follow steps can make the difference between you being the chosen target of a criminal, or making them think twice.

Always be spatially aware and know your surroundings. It sounds simple and obvious, but constantly look around 360 degrees and know what is going on around you. Early detection of threats while at a distance give you more time to take action and demonstrate to criminals that you aren't easy prey. Early knowledge of what is going on around you also means you are less likely to be surprised by an attacker. Surprise and shock is what they want to achieve, so that you make mistakes while under pressure. See, be aware, act.

If leaving your vehicle, always check around you as you are approaching where you will park up, then check around again when you stop, before opening your doors. Don't park near dark corners or near places that someone can ambush you from. In the open is best and near other people who are able t see you and in well lit areas is better. The same goes for returning to your vehicle. Be aware of places in shadow, or an unusual vehicle near to yours, especially if occupied. Ask someone to accompany you if need be until you are in your car and you can lock your doors and drive away safely. Females should't walk alone at night. Have a friend and be a friend. Keep your car locked at all times when not in use. You don't want a surprise from someone hiding in the back seat at night, or any time for that matter.

Carry a flashlight and light up areas as you walk. Detect threats early and deter criminals effectively.

Let people know where you are going and what time you will be back so they can check up if you are delayed returning home or getting to your location. This is especially important for lone workers, realty agents, surveyors, etc. who meet persons at quiet and sometimes remote locations. Think safety, think security. Employers also have a duty of care to employees and should have a safety system and process for lone workers.

These few simple tips can help keep you safe. Remember them and practice them.

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