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Construction and Development Sites in Turks & Caicos - How can you keep them Secure and Safe?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Ensuring that effective security is in place during the construction phase of a development and leading up to full operational capability can be challenging.

Considerations for developers and construction companies also don't just include security and loss prevention, as site and worker safety is also a major consideration and a key responsibility of all concerned. How well those two aspects of any new development are protected and delivered has a direct bearing on meeting project deadlines, cost and reputation.

It follows, therefore, that security at construction sites needs to achieve several objectives. These include:

  • Protection and the safety of workers and the public

  • Protection of materials and the partly constructed building

  • Protection of machinery and tools

  • Protecting the reputation of those involved with the project

Delays to projects need to be minimised and while the loss of equipment or damage to a site inevitably involve costs to replace and repair, any delays to projects can add up to significant costs in terms of contractual delays and the potential inability to meet project timescales. These cause obvious difficulties for the builder and the property developer and everyone involved in the work flow and supply chain.

Security has a key role to play in dealing with such threats, both outside of normal construction hours by addressing the above and also during working hours, by controlling and recording access and the departure of vehicles, goods and workers. Access control plays a major part in controlling loss and in ensuring that everyone is accounted for at the beginning and end of the day.

Our officers are trained in security and also in health and safety awareness to identify, report and take action where needed to help keep workers safe and decrease the potential for injury and liability. We also train our staff to render first aid which is an important added value element in operating construction sites.

We can also now provide intruder/burglar alarm and CCTV systems to help monitor your development sites, all of which provide real time information to an App. on your phone or tablet to let you know just what is going on at your site. Coupled with our gardening and patrol response, you have the complete solution to your construction and development needs.

Our security strategy in providing security for such sites is to deter, prevent, delay, detect and intervene where security and safety threats arise.

If you want to know more about our services for the construction sector please contact us via the contact page on this website or email us at

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