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Our Chairman Brian Swann becomes Director of CrimestoppersTCI

Brian Swann, our Chairman and CEO, has accepted the kind invitation made to him to become a Director of CrimestoppersTCI.

We have always supported CrimestoppersTCI and we look forward to the contribution that Brian and our company can provide in making the Turks and Caicos Islands the safest place in the Caribbean. This includes our Company Mission to professionalize the security industry in our country and to raise standards across the sector.

It is important to stress that it is all of our responsibility to do what we can to detect and prevent crime, but also to report information we may have to help the police find the perpetrators.

You, or anyone, can submit an anonymous TIP by calling crime stoppers on 1-800-8477 in Miami. It's a free call. Your number is not traceable. Or you can submit an ONLINE tip in either English, French or Spanish on the Crime Stoppers TCI website You will NOT BE ASKED FOR YOUR NAME, ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER, just for information to help prevent or solve a crime. NO ONE WILL CALL YOU BACK OR EMAIL YOU! NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE - NOT EVEN THE POLICE!

Your information will be sent anonymously from Crime Stoppers in Miami to the Police here in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Let us all do our part in making the Turks and Caicos a safer place to live and work.

The TIP that you provide could save a life.

Thank you

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