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A Warm welcome to our newly appointed Security Analytics Manager!

We are pleased to announce that Daniel Ryder has joined WCSS. Daniel takes up a position within our company as Security Analytics Manager. His focus will include the improvement of all aspects of our business and the related services that we provide to our clients.

Daniel is leaving the largest and a very highly respected private security company in the UK, Kingdom Services Group Ltd. and is coming to the TCI with his wealth of experience to help WCSS raise standards and grow the quality of service that we deliver to all our clients even further and in line with our Vision and Mission.

In his previous post he carried responsibility for all aspects of security business analytics, compliance and service quality, reporting across the UK with a key emphasis on delivering the highest standards of service to clients in the areas of security, environmental protection and facilities management.

Daniel holds a Certificate in Security Management and is currently completing the Diploma in Security Management through the United Kingdom Security Institute, of which he is a member.

Daniel arrived in the Turks and Caicos Islands on New Years Eve and he is already engaged in taking up his new role. We warmly welcome Daniel into the WCSS family.



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