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Ajax. An alarm system like no other & now available from us in Turks & Caicos.

WC Security Services - Electronic Security Solutions

Who we are

We are a company that focuses on our strengths of professionalism, expertise, our reputation and our client relationships in providing the best security services possible in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our focus on quality and service excellence are well known, resulting in us being the chosen security provider for many high profile, high value and iconic clients in Turks and Caicos. We have extensive experience in security provision across a diverse range of clients, including private villas, residential associations, resorts of all types, retail, commercial, schools and in marina and close protection security.

We have a pride in the service that we deliver and a unique approach that produces high levels of client security, safety and of course, satisfaction.

As our company grows and extends its market share of clients for physical guarding, the demand for us to install, monitor and service alarms, CCTV and other technological security solutions has also increased. We have now moved into electronic security solutions that bring new, modern and exciting solutions to the Turks and Caicos Islands. The system we use is Ajax. The most highly awarded alarm system in Europe.

Our system is far more advanced than what is routinely available in TCI with many features that make it attractive to a wide range of clients, from residential to villa, from retail to commercial and many other situations. As well as being technologically advanced it is also visually attractive. It is also substantially wireless, with encrypted signalling, so there is minimal intrusion and disturbance of your building fabric and furnishings.

Most importantly from our experience of the many complaints that we hear from people on Providenciales, we won’t adopt a ‘we fit, you pay, and we forget’ policy when installing alarms. Our support and philosophy are that we want a lasting relationship with you so that you are protected, reassured and receive the best possible service and solutions to your security needs. We go the extra mile, and our relationship only begins with the installation. That clearly has a value compared to what may look like a good deal from other installers. It makes a big difference.

Our system is also constantly under development, so the system can match your specific risk and meet emerging future risks, or your concerns, as they arise.

Note that systems are available in black or white depending on your preference.

Alarm System features

This alarm system is an advanced intruder alarm system which provides a range of additional benefits and features over and above what is generally available in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Included with our alarm systems is the programming of a secure app on your cell phone which allows you to access your alarm system remotely anywhere in the world where you have internet or Wi-Fi connection. From this app you can set, unset, part set or send a panic alert. You can also change the alarm setting and give other users access such as family members, property managers, workers, etc. should you wish to. You can also exclude a sensor if it is giving problems so that no disturbance to occupiers exists and where we can arrange to repair then reinstate the sensor. This is an excellent feature for out of hours emergencies where you do not want to inconvenience a guest with a visit to repair or disarm a system. We will train you in the use of the app which is very simple to use.

Our system has internal and external detectors as well as fire and heat and leak detection sensors where needed.

Panic feature on the app

Activating the panic feature on your cell phone sends a panic alert notification to other users registered as users on your alarm system to their own cell phones. This panic feature allows them to see where you are anywhere in the world where there is internet connection and where you may be in distress. The alert also shows the geographic location of your position.

Monitoring Services

We monitor your alarm using an approved Alarm Receiving Centre that is accredited to UK National Security Inspectorate Gold Standard.

Alarm Response

WC Security Services maintains a mobile security patrol to respond to alarm activations and coordination of alarm responses and activations via our 24/7 Control Centre. This is included within the Monitoring Services Agreement. We will also notify the police in the event of an alarm activation if required.

Servicing and Diagnostic Examination of Alarm System

We are also able to provide scheduled system maintenance and regular diagnostic examination of your system. This includes regular remote diagnostic checks of the system. It also includes a physical check of the system annually. Outside of the warranty period, repairs and labour will be charged at standard rates.

The system has the capability to integrate with CCTV that we can supply and install so that you can access both your alarm system and CCTV and view footage from the same app. This allows you to receive an alert then check the CCTV as well as certain sensors providing still images so you aren't left wondering if it's a real or an ‘innocent’ activation. And of course, you will get the style and the highest level of service that we at WC Security Services are well known for.

For more information or to request a free quotation, please contact us via the details below:

Call: Dan on (649) 332 3220

Email: or




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