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Choosing your Security Provider in Turks & Caicos?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Be sure that you make the right choice.

It's not always obvious whether the Security Company that you may decide to put yourself in the hands of has the ability and the experience to deliver exactly the kind of high quality security services that meet industry standards and your expectations. Make that choice carefully and do your research.

Have you performed any due diligence on them?

  • Do they have a legal right to conduct a security business through a Security Services category business licence?

  • Are their employees legally entitled to work?

  • Are all their employees National insurance and Health insurance premiums paid?

  • Can they show you Certificates of Good Standing for all those requirements?

  • Do they vet and screen their employees properly?

  • What training do they receive?

  • Who are their other clients?

  • Do their employees have the legal right to work in Turks & Caicos and where a work permit is required, is it in place and does it relate to the Security Company whom you have chosen?

So many questions... and so many risks...

To ensure that our clients receive the best security possible, that meets industry standards, we devised an Approved Security Contractor Scheme (ASCS) that we introduced with some of our clients about eight years ago. (We 'borrowed' the concept from the united Kingdom Security industry Authority), our Director having been involved in the early stages of the UK Regulation of the Security Industry. (Why reinvent the wheel?). The ASCS that we created provides evidence that we operate to the highest standards, complying with all the professional and legal obligations necessary and showin g our clients that they make the best decision when they come to us.

Its not easy making the best decision with so many companies and having little knowledge of what is behind the brand. But your security is a serious business and we take it seriously. Be serious about whom you choose. It could be the best, or the worst decision of your life...

Here is our Approved Security Contractor Scheme that we operate to. Its a commitment to you and some may say its a Charter for excellent service. We think every security company in Turks & Caicos should operate to these standards.

WC Security Services

Approved Security Contractors Scheme

Turks & Caicos Islands


To ensure full competence and capability of Security Companies involved in the provision of security services to the client.

To ensure that all security contractors and personnel operate to recognised security industry standards and meet legal obligations in the conduct of the security company in the Turks & Caicos Islands.


Criteria that ASCS security providers must meet are as follows:

A. The Company

  • The Security Company must hold a current Business Licence to provide Security Services (Category 301) and present an original current Business License for examination;

  • The Security Company must be a signatory to the Memorandum of Understanding with HE the Governor and the National Security Secretariat (NSS) in committing to the Code of Conduct for Security providers;

  • The Security Company must be a member of the Turks & Caicos Islands National Security Services Association;

  • The Security Company must present original documents for examination as follows

- Certificate of Good Standing with the Financial Service Commission (FSC) is relation to its Business licence;

- Certificate of Good Standing with the National Insurance Board (NIB);

- Certificate of Good Standing with the National Health Insurance Board (NHIB);

  • It would be advantageous for the Company and/or any Directors or Managers to be affiliated to, or a member of a professional security body;

  • Evidence should be provided of professional development of Managers in the form of recognised academic security qualifications;

  • Directors must not be disqualified from holding the position of Director;

  • The Company must maintain Public Liability insurance to a minimum of $2,000,000

  • The Company must maintain Employers Liability insurance to a minimum of $1,000,000

B. Vetting, Screening and Employment of Security Officers.

All staff must be vetted and screened to a standard by the security provider. Security Officers must be legally entitled to work in the Turks & Caicos Islands. This must include:

  1. Provision and examination of the Employees document that proves the legal right to work;

  2. Provision of and examination of a satisfactory Police Record;

  3. Satisfactory provision of identification documents, including passport, NIB, NHIP cards and Driving licence where applicable;

  4. Details of the security officers home address;

  5. Contact made with two ‘Professional’ referees and their details;

  6. Screening of Social Media to determine any content which may reveal criminal or risk related information;

  7. Examination of previous employment details and any gaps in employment.

C. Training

Staff must have received formal training in Security and be certificated at the appropriate level with certificates to prove. There must be a Training Plan and continuous professional development for security operatives.


The Security Company must provide information and documentation to the client when required to support ad hoc checks of compliance with the ASCS conditions.



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