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Protecting your Boat in Turks & Caicos - A Case Study using Ajax Alarm Systems

We often get asked how to protect your valuable boat in Turks & Caicos. Here is a case study of several such installations we have completed and which we now monitor for our clients as well as provide a patrol response to alerts. Our system also allows you to set and unset and see if an alarm activation occurs, giving photographic corroboration of any attack, or innocent approach.

We use Ajax Alarm Systems for these and home, villa and commercial installations.


Villa owners with boats and dock lifts at their residences.


Provide a quickly installed but highly effective alert system to detect approaching threats to prevent the theft of their boats.


Ajax security system to cover boat, boat lift and dock area and approaches to the locations.


Ajax Systems Hub 2 Plus, MotionCam Outdoor, Street Siren, Space Control.



Villa owners where their high value boats are stored on lifts were actively looking for a solution to protect their vessels. The location created challenges, being positioned at the end of their gardens on a canal system open to the sea. A number of attacks had resulted in theft of high value vessels.


To provide an effective early warning detection system for their dock area without the need for ground works and wiring runs. Clients wanted:

· Minimal intrusive works and disturbance to their gardens and dock infrastructure

· Immediate notification of intrusion being detected with a professionally monitored solution

· Verification/corroboration of any alarm notification

· The ability to monitor for alerts and to set and unset themselves when travelling


Excellent coverage - MotionCam Outdoor devices were placed to cover all access points to the dock system, including water borne approaches.

Effective deterrence - Hub 2 Plus was placed within the clients villa and Outdoor Siren on the dock facing elevation as a deterrent.

Monitoring and Response - Our Monitoring Station also monitors the system as well as the client and we provide patrol response.

Self-Monitoring - Being able to self-monitor when away from his villa enables the client to have peace of mind of the protection of his valuable boat.

Modular - Being a modular approach, with no wiring, detection devices can be easily repositioned by us should any other work in the clients garden be carried out.

Speed of Install - The Ajax system as installed very quickly in several villas due to the threat being significant and the clients requiring them immediately.


  • Greater confidence and peace of mind in the villa and boat owners.

  • Reduction in theft of boats and attacks in the area targeted and where installations have been made.

  • Growing interest in villa and boat owners in Ajax Systems to extend to their other assets, even their homes in North America and Europe.

  • We believe this is a ‘stepping stone’ for a community security initiative in the area concerned, which will benefit the community significantly.



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