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Simple measures to make your home safer

We've been asked by a few people in the last couple of days what they can do to reduce the likelihood of being subjected to a home invasion burglary, so thought we’d post for information in case anyone else finds it useful.

Crime has inevitably picked up a little since lifting of the curfew and restrictions and is likely to increase given the increased opportunity.

No one measure will defeat criminals who are intent and focused. It is a range of security 'layers' that afford the best chance of deterrence, detection, prevention and hopefully, displacement of criminals and their actions.

  • If you have a perimeter make sure it’s fenced at about 1.8 metres high and have a gate that can lock in place, or at least be a physical and visible barrier.

  • Good lighting, including motion sensitive lights at night are good.

  • Be sure to lock all windows and doors at night time and have good locks on them - a lock is only as strong as the door and door frame it is fitted to, or window and its frame, so make sure all are in good condition and solid.

  • You can buy security ‘film’ from Amazon which you apply to glass (see through or tinted) and which offers amazingly effective resistance to attack and it’s not expensive.

  • Don’t leave any valuables lying around for anyone to see and clear any dense bush around your property to aid natural surveillance and to prevent 'ambush' points, if that is a worry to you. This is especially so as you approach your driveway gate, or front door.

  • You could also fit mortice type door frame locks to internal doors to restrict movement and access around your home at night. These are inexpensive and very subtle, but offer great control of the building internally.

  • Have a 'safe' room you can evacuate to with a strong door to buy you time and so you can call 911. Put 911 and (neighbours) on speed dial to save valuable time. Bathrooms can be used, or an en suite that is close to your bedroom as a ‘safe’ room, or you may have a ‘hurricane’ room which will be pretty strong.

  • Fitting a house alarm is good too with a zoned ability so that you can use your bedroom and bathroom at night while keeping the system armed elsewhere.

  • CCTV with Infra-Red capability is useful, recognising that offenders can wear masks, but it’s good for daytime in case they do a recon.

  • Dogs are a good deterrent also and can give early warning.

If you can make sure your house 'envelope' is secure and no one can get inside you are 99% there. Speak with your neighbours and look after each other, starting a neighbourhood watch group if necessary.

You could also carry a simple but very loud personal alarm that you can sound if approached, while entering, or leaving your home, or when you are out and about.

Making the criminal choose to go elsewhere is one of the biggest things you can do. Deter and dissuade them from attacking you, or your property by adopting and adapting these and other ‘layers’ of security.

And of course, there is always the presence of well trained, vetted and well managed security officers like we are able to provide, either to you individually, of, if a group if you wish to pool your resources to reduce costs.

Finally, our advice is to report EVERYTHING that is suspicious, or, any crime or suspected crime.

Consider these simple but very effective measures and stay safe.

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