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The Alarm System for all your needs in Turks and Caicos

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

It’s often difficult finding someone to trust and advise when you are deciding upon installing a new alarm system, or if you are looking to replace your existing intruder alarm at your home, or your commercial property.

Alarm systems have developed significantly in the past couple of years and technology and innovation have conspired to provide better, more effective and more feature rich intruder alarm options for you. Our specialist services and advice, including installing and maintaining your system, as well as monitoring and patrol response, allows you to understand how our new and innovative alarm system help you keep your home, or commercial property, safe and secure.

We install a state of the art and feature rich alarm system that gives you control via an app on your cell phone or tablet, either while in your property, or when you are away, even overseas, subject to having internet and WiFi. You can set, or part set your alarm, unset it, check its components and batteries, give other users access, check its signaling history and a range of other features to make sure your system is fully operational and doing what it should do. Protecting you, your family, and your property.

Our systems have a panic alert which you and the other users can activate, either with the panic button in your property, or even away from your cellphone. When activated a message is sent to other users telling them you are in panic mode, sounding an alarm on their phone and providing a map of your location. This is even if you are anywhere on the planet, subject to having internet or WiFi. That is an amazing feature for you and your loved ones, or your employees if you have lone workers.

Our system is also able to provide image corroboration, subject to selection of appropriate sensors, when an alert has occurred, showing you an image to let you decide if the alert is real, or innocent. That is a great feature for peace of mind and also to prevent those troublesome and worrying innocent alerts.

It also can detect leaks if you have a utility, or pool room, or other facility where water ingress could cause damage. It even has the capability to switch electronic household devices on and off if those additional devices are chosen. The system can also include fire and heat detectors.

Outside of your home we can also install sensors that detect movement, some with image verification and also some sensors that provide a ‘curtain detector,’ so anything moving through it triggers an alert.

All these are accessible from your cellphone app. And we can manage your system independently, day and night, checking its health and dealing with any issues that may arise. We can even turn sensors off remotely in the unlikely event they cause a problem, allowing you, or your guests, to remain undisturbed, enabling us to schedule a service visit when convenient to you.

We also can install CCTV which can be accessed from the same app on your cellphone. That means you can check both your alarm system, then CCTV without changing apps for convenience.

The alarm system we install is also substantially wireless, so apart from the Central Hub, (the brain of the system which can be hidden away if needed), all sensors are wireless, meaning less dust and disruption for you and less cabling, trunking and conduit.

All in all, its an amazing system that is stylish, designed and tailored to your needs for modern living and it comes in black or white, so it fits with any décor.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how our system and services would help you.

Innovation in alarms and security has arrived in the Turks and Caicos Islands.



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