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The seven critical factors that tell you you’ve chosen the best security provider.

1. The security company selects its officers against recognised recruitment criteria which includes vetting and background checks for all of their employees, including security guards. Vetting and background checking applicants to industry standards ensures there’s little chance of a ‘hidden’ history that could result in risk to a client. These checks are over and above the normal local police record checks and we also check out references. (We always contact and speak with referees to make sure they are valid and seek their views of the applicant).

2. The security officer provided to you has been trained and undergoes continuous development to carry out their role effectively. You should be able to see this from their deportment, their behaviour, and the standard of communication that you experience when approaching or speaking with them. Our officers are trained and assessed through quality assurance visits to make sure they know our procedures, that they comply with them and that they are well equipped and vigilant.

3. Officers are well supported and supervised. We don’t just deploy an officer and leave them to the business of security. Our officers receive supervisory visits at random times during their deployment. This is an opportunity not just to check their approach, but also to offer support and guidance and deal with any concerns they may have. Our 24/7 Control Centre also contacts them for welfare and update checks to make sure we monitor and have a hands-on approach to their deployment.

4. When you know there is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place for the deployment. Without an SOP its any guess what approach should be taken by an officer, and we don’t guess. We analyse risk, we determine the threat, and we plan accordingly. The outcome is an SOP that the officer and we work to, to ensure your safety is paramount and taken good care of. If isn’t written down it doesn’t exist, and we always document our SOPs and review them.

5. You have good client relationship contact from our management team who meets with you to discuss the deployment and performance. We want to know what is working well and what your concerns are so that we can address them and ensure you are confident in the service you require. Feedback is critical to us and a way that we learn every day and night from satisfied clients.

6. Look at our client base to see who take our services, from high profile exclusive resorts to notable commercial and retail customers, TCI Government and private individuals and resident association with some of the highest profile and most exclusive villas, all show confidence in us and our services. Keeping these clients long term shows the quality we deliver and as we always say, ‘Quality doesn’t happen by accident.’ Its good planning, commitment, extensive experience and a focus on the client and quality that makes us what we are – different and best. We especially like it when a client recognises us for our efforts.

7. We treat our all employees with respect and work to identify and reward great service through our appreciation and award processes every month. Our officers have received external awards as well which shows that our efforts don’t go unnoticed. Treat your workforce well and they will deliver what your clients need most. Service excellence and quality protection go hand in hand.

Your next step is to contact us for all your security needs. Contact us on or via our website at You won’t be disappointed.



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